Karole Dumont, Métis Author (K. D. Beckett)

    Stories have always been a part of my life and heritage. It’s a Métis thing!  From a young age, the need to throw heroes into “what-if” situations was irresistible and the rest, as they say, is history. I wrote many stories and novels that will never see the light of day, then in the early 1990s, Rainbows in Time (originally Chasing Rainbows) was born as a healing journey from injuries sustained while working as an Emergency Medical Attendant. The few people who read it strongly encouraged me to publish it. Alas, the publishers I approached replied that no one was interested in time travel. So that was that – and Rainbows was shelved. Almost two decades later, shortly before passing, my mother, an avid reader, asked if I would ever publish that novel. A few years later I visited Clermont Duval, a good friend and world-renown artist and author, who had been the first to read my manuscript, and strongly encouraged me to publish. He agreed to take on the commission to paint the book cover. In 2010, under my pen, and his paintbrush, Rainbows in Time saw the light of day, honouring my mom’s memory. My only regret is that she never got to read it in book format.

      The road to independent publishing was not easy. Like so many aspiring authors, I fell into expensive and demoralizing “publishers” traps, but as a true Métis, I got back up, brushed the dust off, and forged ahead, trying to learn all I could about that industry. What started as one book became a “septology” in the next 5 years! It seemed that our readers could not get enough of the Blackwell, Montour and White Eagle clans. I say “our readers” because the success of “In Time” would not exist  without the help of extremely generous and dedicated editors, all strangers who became some of my best friends. I owe Clermont, Linda, Arlene, Evelyn, Robert, Judy, Karen, Lynn, Sylvie, Stephanie, Danielle, Leas, Prof. John, and many others a debt of gratitude as big as the world for their editing assistance and their tremendous support! It is my hope that some day, I will be able to repay their generosity.

      “In Time” explores Canada’s historical landscape and cultural heritage during the hay days of the fur trade. The saga depicts the hypothetical lives and adventures of the intrepid heroes and villains who shaped our continent’s early relationships between Europeans and Indians*. It also lifts a tiny corner of the mysterious veil surrounding Shamanism, time transference/ transcendence, and temporal chasms. It is my deepest hope that you will enjoy your journey with the Scot-Blackfoot Blackwell, Métis Montour, and Siksika White Eagle clans as much as I am enjoying writing it. 

     In 2015, The Moccasins was born, a historical novel in a contemporary story, that explored connections outside of time and unexpected paths of discovery in the world of Indigenous homelessness and Indian Residential School survival.  

     In 2016, Lakota Heart made its entrance, the first volume of the Lakota trilogy that means a lot to me.  Many tears and strong feelings mark the creation of Otatktay and Hantaywee’s tragic story in an era when the American Army was hunting down the Sioux peoples mercilessly. Of all my books, that trilogy is my favourite. 

     In 2016, my first French novel: Les Mocassins,  the French version of The Moccasins, was released and very well received. As a result, my French readers are asking the translated versions of the In Time saga and the Lakota trilogy. Perhaps some day, funding will become available to fulfill that dream.  

   In 2020, a second door opened, this time with AMAZON, where all my novels are now available in both print and KINDLE formats. This is a new and most welcome adventure that will expose my novels worldwide. To celebrate that new venture, I released Sacred Bond and Čhetáŋ, book 2 and 3 of the Lakota Trilogy.

I am currently putting the finishing touches to another novel, which will be released in 2021, on the 10th anniversary of Metis Publishing!

 I truly hope that you will enjoy my novels, as you accompany my heroes on their historical journeys. At their side, you will discover a rapidly changing world, welcome new clan members and bid others farewell, and perhaps deepen your spirituality. You will laugh with them at times, and cry at others. Perhaps you will become a warrior for a time, to fight at their side to defend their freedom, their culture, and their language. Perhaps you will become a hunter to ensure the survival of their people. Or perhaps you will join the women or the elders’ circles as they ensure the well-being of their people. You will share our heroes’ trials and tribulations as they strive to build a safe and prosperous life for their loved ones. At the very least, you will partake in their struggles, their victories, and their losses. 

     Throughout the journey, may you experience a love so strong, so profound, that time itself cannot destroy it. I wish for you to feel what our heroes feel, and see what they see, as they carve their place on a land originally inhabited by their First Nations relatives, with whom they share their lives. Perhaps you will rally to Michael Ómahkapi’si Blackwell’s war cry: “Nitawahsin-nanni, Nitsitapiisinni. Our land, our way of life. We will defend it to the death.” 

*Note: the word Indian in these novels is used in its historical context.

Rainbows in the Mists raise Tides and carve Paths, as Secrets unravel a Legacy into the End of Time.