At the dawn of the 20th century, Chief Otaktay’s wild and untameable son, Čhetáŋ, forms a partnership with Andrew Couc Jr. Their adventures take Čhetáŋ into a non-Indigenous world he is not willing to settle into, but that draws him like a moth to the flame.

He finds himself bound to that world by a marriage he never wanted, to a much younger white woman, and by his obsession for a red-haired Calgary saloon beauty. Nicole is as wild as him but unwilling to live primitively in a Lakota camp deep in the Rockies.

As he accumulates conquests and wives, he becomes entangled in a ranchers’ war, and reveals a side of himself that his fellow Lakota warriors and his partner Andrew loathe. His father’s advice fall into deaf ears as impetuousness and insatiable lust leads Čhetáŋ onto a destructive path that causes insurmountable grief to those who love him, and brings him at death’s door.

Yet, it is only when his life is no longer his own, that he discovers how it takes losing someone to truly appreciate the value of such a rare gift. He learns that a man’s most important battles are not always fought on the warpath, against lifelong enemies, but in one’s heart against one’s own demons.

Čhetáŋ ~ Book 3: Lakota Trilogy

Size: 6 x 9 – 400 pages
White Rolland/Husky Paper / Laminated cover


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