K. D. Beckett
The Seventh Year
Book 1: Lucky Numbers Saga©2021
Québec City’s financial prodigy, Nicholas Jackson, holds the tiger by the tail. He has it all; social status, dream career, outstanding wealth, and perfect marriage to Mia Reeve, a street-smart orphan who once saved his hide. They firmly believe that nothing has the power to destroy their vows of eternal love and respect.


Nicholas’s life suddenly spirals out of control, and plunges him into a vortex of corporate powerplays, outrageous luxury, hubris, and women born into his privileged world. Mia’s dreams of country living clash with his unwavering ambition. She finds herself fighting for their fairytale marriage; a one-sided battle she loses a little more every day – until there is nothing left to fight for.


Seven years later, Nicholas faces a nightmarish loss that brings him face to face with the only woman who owned all of his heart. While Mia’s shattered life is mended, a part of her heart is still broken. Is she capable of forgiveness to fully heal? Is the slope too steep, too rocky? Nicholas hopes not, because, for the first time in seven remorse-laden years, his empty soul has caught a glimpse of its true mooring again. Redemption, however, comes in ways he never expected – far away, on another man’s land, in another man’s home.